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Specifications for offset printing


When supplying files for offset printing, please remember:

  • Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel and PowerPoint are all desktop publishing programmes which have been designed for digital print, NOT offset printing.
  • If your document is to print off the edge of the paper you MUST add at least 3mm bleed. This will ensure that when the printed paper is trimmed, the ink coverage extends to the edge of the paper. If no bleed is added, this will result in uneven borders around your document.
  • Make sure all images supplied are either greyscale or CMYK and at least 300ppi. Please note: Images copied off the internet are not suitable for offset printing and will result in a poor quality document.
  • If your file has been designed in a graphic programme, please make sure you convert all your fonts to outlines and embed when exporting your file as a PDF.
  • Remember to provide your pantone colours as well as a hard copy sample of your job if it has been printed elsewhere and colour matching is crucial.


Tri-fold brochures need to be set up as follows:

  • Front panel: 100mm x 210mm
  • Middle panel: 99mm x 210mm
  • Back panel: 98mm x 210mm


Acceptable formats

The Designink team at Hannah & Young use the latest versions of the following programmes for offset printing:

  • InDesign
  • Illustrator


If the file you are supplying has NOT been created in one of these programmes, additional costs will apply for the time it takes to convert or re-design your file into a graphics programme suitable for offset printing.